Marketing & Sales

360° marketing and sales – including concept

Online and offline - the two go hand in hand

In today's competitive environment, successful marketing initiatives should be planned holistically and should offer a balance between dialogue, interaction, added value and unique character.

EUROBAUSTOFF provides its specialised dealers with effective tools for all channels of communication – be it online, offline or in-store trade. Supplements, brochures and flyers containing the latest offers help specialised dealers with advertising campaigns, events and recent openings or re-openings.

Catalogues and brochures emphasise the expertise of specialised dealers and help to both inspire customers and offer solutions to problems. At the same time, comprehensive online tools support associates with marketing.

Customisable advertising material such as the modular garden catalogue allow partners to adapt their advertising material to their specialisation and their product range. Interactive content such as the Digital Exhibition enables sales advisers to support their customers on site with detailed product information, thus guiding them towards the right purchase decision.


EUROBAUSTOFF supports its specialised dealers with the following services:

  • Strategic consultation for EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers in marketing as well as sales campaigns
  • Target-group-oriented advertising concepts, media planning and implementation
  • Printed and digital advertising materials with personalisation options – specially conceived for the demands of private and professional customers
  • Business equipment and locally oriented advertising campaigns for the geographical requirements of the individual specialised dealer
  • Providing suitable tools for sales promotions - from freebies to premium items
  • Carrying out personalised marketing campaigns

Digital services for cross-channel building trade marketing

EUROBAUSTOFF offers its specialised dealers a range of different services across several media. Innovative digital content not only provides support to sales consultants on site, but also enhances the online presence of specialised dealers.

  • Conceiving and providing online advertising campaigns
  • Website design and optimisation
  • Providing core website content
  • Content templates for newsletter marketing and social media
  • EUROBAUSTOFF TV (digital signage)
  • B2X master clone concept – online shop solutions for every need

Marketing tools

EUROBAUSTOFF’s Marketing Cockpit and Marketing Generator practical systems allow associates to efficiently plan and coordinate their individual marketing campaigns.

Marketing systems within the Marketing Cockpit:

  • Marketing planner
  • Budget planning
  • Campaign bookings (cross-media)
  • Catalogue orders
  • Direct media bookings
  • Overview of target groups/types of operation

Marketing Generators for:

  • Supplements
  • Specialist brand prospectus
  • Professional prospectus

Personalised merchandise

With friendship, it’s the little things that count – that's why EUROBAUSTOFF offers its specialised dealers the opportunity to give their customers and partners various pieces of merchandise throughout the year.

Classic gifts such as notepads and calendars are available as well as funny coffee cups, folding rules or seasonal items – for example for Christmas or Easter.

The merchandise shop offers a varied selection of items – all adapted to the design of the particular associate – allowing specialised dealers to leave a positive impression on customers and partners.