Management & IT

End-to-end solutions for successful trading

The EUROBAUSTOFF subsidiary, INFOKOM GmbH, has been a skilled and efficient IT partner for all types of business in building materials wholesale and retail for 40 years.

In addition to the holistic support and development of EUROBAUSTOFF's IT systems and central warehouses, the consultancy and systems company offers individual specialised dealers a highly attractive product and service portfolio. INFOKOM's remit encompasses not only the improvement of individual work procedures but also the optimisation and automation of company-wide processes.

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We're set up for the digital world – are you?

Knowledge of data structures, business processes and all types of infrastructure are key conditions for the optimal integration of specialised dealers in the cooperation and for a direct connection to the central data streams.

Ultimately, it is not only the specialised dealer itself which benefits from a functioning IT system, but also its customer. It guarantees quick access to information, such as customer and item data, as well as smooth logistics, for example.

Software solutions

  • Holistic and customised software portfolio
  • Benefit-oriented, cost-effective and efficient IT solutions and industry software

Hardware and cloud solutions

  • Installation and support of modern hardware technologies
  • Managed ASP service in the EUROBAUSTOFF Cloud as a viable alternative to an on-site server

Cooperation-wide networking

  • Seamlessly and conveniently connecting specialised dealers to the cooperation and to its regional central warehouses
  • Gearing the cooperation towards a uniform IT and organisational system

Services provided

  • INFOKOM Hotline (first level) for general user questions and rapid assistance
  • Regional customer service (second level) with dedicated points of contact
  • Customised IT services, e.g. maintaining item data, mass printing and mass shipping of documents